2018 Hoof N’ Heels 13th annual WGA tournament

As we looked forward to the 2018 Robson Ranch Hoof N’ Heels WGA golf tournament, the committee looked to make some changes, as we have had many WGA members who would like to have family and friends come play with them at a Robson Ranch WGA golf tournament. The Hoof N’ Heels Committee sent out an invitation to the 2018 WGA members and asked them to sign up with a playing partner, a family member or friend. The response was overwhelming, as we had 45 players sign up with their playing partners which was 90 players right out of the gate. The rest of the field was filled with surrounding WGA’s partners and ladies who had played in the last 12 years.

Lots of planning went in to the 2018 Hoof N’ Heels tournament, with many committee meetings, and “kicked around” different ideas on the new look for day of the tournament. The committee planned a practice day for the WGA members and their guests, a putting contest and a social that followed on the practice day afternoon at Rod and Ann Brehm’s home. The day started out pretty drizzly, although ended with a beautiful sunny afternoon. The tournament day was filled with a putting contest coordinated by teaching pro Tyler Clark, and for a small fee teaching Pro Dave Bowles drove the ball off the 12-tee box. Many birdies were enjoyed by teams on Hole 12.

September 13th started out with a rainy morning and at one point the committee thought the tournament day might be cancelled due to a thunder storm approaching. All the 128 ladies who signed up showed up and checked in and we began to play the tournament around 8:45am on September 13. Around 1:30pm we had all 128 ladies finish the tournament despite the rainy, soggy conditions.

The amazing BBQ lunch organized by Judy Markley, was served and a big thank you to all the sponsors. We were entertained with a look back on how the Hoof N’ Heels tournament evolved. Thank you, Sarah Ray, for sharing your knowledge. There was whiskey and beer sampling and quite a few winners with drawings for purses, Avon and Laura Mercier gift sets and many rounds of “Golf for 4” coupons. The winners were announced and awarded Robson Ranch gift Cards.

Thank you to Cindy Sterling Hoof N Heels Chair, Diane Miller, Ann Brehm, Debbie Gorney Hoof N Heels Co- Chairs and Linda Scott, Bonnie Fickey, Connie Griswold, Donna Slater, Donna Phillips, Alice Wright, Darlene Lamb, Shirley Green, Judy Markley and Gale Hicks.

A special thank you to the MGA Volunteers- Gil Ortiz and team that helped that rainy September 13 morning with cart orchestrating and Dick Sterling, Lee Griswold, Guy Bent and Gaylen Fickey for sign placement. Thank you, Jeremy, Rhett and Robson Ranch Grill staff, along with Roger and the Pro shop staff we could not have a successful tournament without their involvement.

We look forward to the 2019 Member/Guest Invitational Robson Ranch Hoof N’ Heels tournament.