A very special quilt

Frank and Mary Hunter receive the quilt from Judy Hilderbrand.

Sandi Price

For a number of years, Robson’s Material Girls have created and donated quilts for soldiers deployed around the world. The group, led by Judy Hilderbrand has sent these quilts off, never knowing where they are going or who will be lucky enough to receive them. This year, Mary Hunter created and appliqued an eagle panel and turned it over to Lucy Rees who hand embroidered it. The picture of the panel was put on Groupworks where Judy Hilderbrand saw it and thought it deserved a quilt of its own. Judy designed the quilt around the eagle panel, added borders and stars and then created the blocks from her own fabric, put it together, had it quilted and added the binding. I know Judy has created other soldier quilts, but this one topped them all. Since this was a very special soldier quilt, Material Girls wanted it to go to a very special military family…one who is close to home as well. It was presented to Mary and Frank Hunter who have had three military members in their family.