African American Social Group news

Marie Milleage

The African Social Group held a celebration at the home of Mary McGuire and her daughter, Hope Hayward, to welcome two new families to Robson Ranch. The Taylors and Pettifords recently joined the Robson community and are enjoying a variety of activities and meeting new neighbors.

The group’s most recent book club members met and discussed Dead Wake, by Erik Larson, an account of the final crossing of the Lusitania and the United States’ entry into war. Also discussed was President Jimmy Carter’s A Call to Action: Women, Religion, Violence and Power,” that examined the efforts of faith leaders and human rights defenders working to advance women’s rights and to promote universal human dignity.

African American social group members join together to enjoy dinner, fellowship, conversation and outside activities. We hold gatherings at a resident’s home or in a restaurant and provide an opportunity to cultivate friendships and greet new homeowners. The group is not a club, religious or political organization, and we do not charge fees. Only one member of the family needs to be black. For additional information about joining us please contact Marie Milleage at