Ask Your State Representative

Where do we go from here?

Lynn Stucky, Texas State Representative

Summer is here and the interim period for lawmakers is well underway. For a part-time legislature, that means returning to the home district and being a full-time local leader.

Over the past two months, I’ve spoken to several different groups about the accomplishments of the 86th Texas Legislature. The state dedicating $5 billion to property tax relief is a win for property owners and businesses. Educators are impressed by the bipartisan effort to boost education funding and secure the Teacher’s Pension Fund. And Texans are largely encouraged by the promises delivered in the Property Tax Transparency and Reform Act.

Now that the session is over, the question that follows is “what’s next? Where do we go from here?”

In the short-term, my staff and I continue to be of service to the constituents of House District 64. We’re here to take your calls and respond to letters and emails. My Capitol staff is preparing for the issuing of interim charges by Speaker Dennis Bonnen. These charges will likely see me dividing my time between Denton County and the various locations for interim committee hearings.

In the long-term, I will be visiting with constituents and state leaders to determine what legislative opportunities were missed in the previous session, as well as new ideas that will foster growth and prosperity for all Texans.

I continue to be available to meet in Denton at my District Office, or in the communities I serve. When in Austin, I will be available to visit with constituents who are touring the Capitol or want to meet on a specific policy issue.

To reach me, you may email or call the District Office at 940-243-0230.

To reach my district staff, you may email or visit us at 400 West Oak Street, Denton, TX 76201.

To reach my Capitol staff, call 512-463-0582. For policy questions, contact Legislative Director Jordan Overturf; and for questions about committee assignments and interim charges, contact my Chief of Staff Worth Farabee.