Ask Your State Representative


State Representative Lynn Stucky, D.V.M.

With the Texas runoffs coming to a near end (Thank goodness!), we can all be relieved that our mailboxes are a little less cluttered and our airwaves aren’t full of political ads trying to entice your vote. It’s the interim at the Texas Legislature, which means two things: Representatives and Senators are back in their district working and their staff are researching and discussing policy ideas for the 86th Legislative Session.

The shaping of policy is now starting to begin. Trade associations are forming work groups, legislative staff are having meetings and occasionally, members from the communities will pitch ideas for legislation to fix a problem or inefficiency they have personally dealt with. Legislators must weigh the pros and cons, consult with local government and business leaders and try to decide if an idea is worthy of becoming a bill.

If you don’t get ahead of the curve and start your homework, the legislative fix may not catch the attention it needs to become law. Last session, a record breaking 6,600 bills were filed, while only 1,100 passed into law. It’s important that stakeholders are aware of what is trying to be accomplished. Anyone familiar with the legislative process will tell you that a bill morphs and transforms many times before becoming law.

Good government is open government. As always, if you have any issues you would like to discuss, my Austin office number is 512-463-0582 and my Denton office can be reached at 940-243-0230.