Baby Boomers meet

Dave Parker

The Robson Ranch Baby Boomers came out to the Grill on the third Friday in May on the hottest day of the spring. In Texas it usually turns summer on a dime and at 95 degrees the Boomers were looking for some air conditioning! Margaret O’Neill, Commander in Chief of the Boomers, introduced two new couples joining in the fun. Juliet and Bob Getty and Kathy and George Mitchell were the newbies on the third Friday. On the first Friday of the month Debbie and Dave Got, Karen and Terry Casteel and Tami and Rich Fenton rounded out the newcomers. With the air conditioning running full at the Grill, the Boomers enjoyed a great evening of celebrating the arrival of summer. Come on out and meet the Boomers here at the Ranch. No dues, no sign up, no speakers, just grab a beverage or a meal and meet some new friends! The Boomers meet on the first and third Fridays of each month at the Grill starting around 5:00 p.m. Any questions can be directed to Margaret O’Neill at