Baby Boomers New Meeting Area

Dave Parker

The Robson Ranch Baby Boomers started the year off with a great meeting the first Friday in January. With the new year, the Boomers moved to the middle room of the Grill. The room will accommodate more Boomers and will also allow more room in the bar for residents. Margaret O’Neill, Commander in Chief of the Boomers, welcomed into the fold three new Boomers: Patricia Ewoldt, Don Hicks, and Ruth Womack. No dues, no sign up, no speakers, just grab a beverage or a meal and meet some new friends! The Boomers meet on the first and third Fridays of each month in the middle room at the Grill starting around 5 p.m. New Boomers come out and join in the fun! Any questions can be directed to Margaret O’Neill at [email protected]