Bill Vokes sinks his third life time hole-in-one

John Burkholder

On Friday, September 16 of last year, Wildhorse Golf Club’s 9MGA annual member, Bill Vokes, sunk his third, yes third, lifetime hole-in-one. Bill’s first two holes-in-one date back to the last century, sometime in the late 1980s, at Vista Hills Country Club in El Paso, TX. So this one was a long time coming! But it was well earned and enthusiastically appreciated!

That Friday was a bright, sunny, windy morning on Wildhorse hole four as Bill V stepped to the tee, took aim with his seven iron and lofted a beautiful, high-arching shot to the green, the flag about center three-quarters the way back. Bill’s shot was straight at the flag, hit right on line about 10 feet in, rolled straight at the pin, then disappeared. It happened so fast that Bill wasn’t sure if the ball went in the cup or off the back edge of the green. But his three excited playing partners’ reactions immediately reassured Bill that it was the former, not the latter. Bill’s ball was definitely in the cup!

Another thrilling day of golf at Robson Ranch Denton’s Wildhorse Golf Club. Proof once again that good things do come in threes! Now Bill is set on sinking his second set of three holes-in-one. Good Luck, Bill!