Busloads of RR Women visit the Dallas Arboretum

Animation, laughter and balmy evening temperatures all worked for the memorable November 29 evening trip to the Dallas Arboretum. The several busloads of 174 Robson women anticipated an enjoyable tour of the “Twelve Days of Christmas” displays presented at the site. The dark surrounding the displays brought them in lighted relief. With motion and song, each lighted gazebo in Victorian style artwork and costumes displayed one aspect of the Twelve Days song. Often heard in each viewing group was a conversation about the order of the stanzas, some persons even reciting or singing them!

Aluminum frames formed to create 12 gazebos, each 25-feet tall and encased in glass. Music box quality, designers from Dallas Opera and Stage Scenery and costumes created the gazebos with the assistance of Texas-based craftsmen.

Brightly painted and decorated exteriors seen in the daylight are enhanced by spotlighted and well-lit interiors to be enjoyed at night. Each gazebo sported a lighted number on its top so that it could be readily identified. Musical selections enhanced each display whether it be Christmas carols, bagpipes or ballroom. Humor delighted with the twitching tails of the milkmaids’ cows, the Lords leaping as they ice-skated or the single black swan amid the other six swimming friends.

Special Projects Chair, Sally Hampton, had begun planning for the trip many months in advance. Prior to the trip, each person was emailed information and a site map and each received a dinner snack and choice of beverages on the bus. Twinkling Santa hats provided on the site added to the walking, talking and much laughter—signs of the tour’s success.