A capital evening with the Wine Knots


Diane Williams

Wine Knots wine tasting group met on February 23 and to honor President’s Day everyone was instructed by our host and hostess, Chuck and Joan Newcomer, to research a favorite dish of one of our presidents and bring it to share with the group. We had everything from Reagan’s jelly beans to macaroni and cheese that Jefferson introduced after tasting it in France!

In addition, as we walked up to the Newcomer’s house they had Hail to the Chief playing on speakers! As they opened the door we were greeted with the host and hostess wearing red, white and blue flag patterned shirts! Chuck and Joan really know how to get in the spirit of the theme!

As always there was a wine tasting to give us some special information about the wine; with the emphasis on wines various presidents preferred. We tasted Maderia, a favorite of George Washington. It was a favorite of many in that era and often considered almost the national drink. George often finished the evening with three glasses, quite the nightcap!

Thomas Jefferson had a vast collection of wines. French Bordeaux was a favorite of his after spending several years in France as Secretary of State, as well as Ambassador to France.

President Reagan certainly advocated for American wine and especially those from his home state of California. He introduced the first Zinfandel to the White House. It was even reported that the end of the Cold War was hastened with Gorbachev sharing a glass of Sonoma’s Iron Horse Chardonay with President Reagan.

As always, a wonderful, educational and thirst-quenching time was had by all!