County Commissioner Resolutions

Dianne Edmondson, County Commissioner Pct. 4

Did you make any New Year’s resolutions? Usually, my New Year resolutions are usually pretty much the same as the old year’s resolutions. How about you? Mine always include losing weight (don’t even ask how much!), exercising more, as well as prayer for patience. (Right now, please, Lord!)

However, this New Year will mark 365 days of my life as the Precinct Four County Commissioner, and after giving it some thought, here are a few Commissioner resolutions for the New Year that I hope to follow for 2020.

1. My first resolution is to continue our careful oversight of your taxpayer money. We’ve kept the property tax rate low and, in fact, in 2019, we adopted the lowest tax rate since 1986! Spending your dollars wisely and ensuring you get your money’s worth in services is important.

2. In 2020, my plan is to schedule and hold more town hall-type meetings in Precinct 4. We held Precinct 4 updates in 2019 but my hope is to go beyond road and bridge updates and give you more details about what we are doing across the board in Denton County.

3. As you know, Denton County is one of the fastest growing in the state and the U.S. With that growth comes both advantages and challenges. One of my goals this year is to consider innovative solutions for dealing with the hyper-growth in our county. We also welcome your input and hope you would share any ideas you might have at one of the town hall meetings or even at the Denton County Commissioners Court meetings on Tuesdays.

4. Our first responders across the county continue to put their lives on the line to ensure our safety – whether as a police officer, deputy, constable, firefighter, emergency services personnel, emergency room physician, or emergency medical technician. All of us should continue to show our collective support for our first responders as well as our thankfulness for all they do for us each and every day.

5. With more than 80 people moving into Denton County every day in addition to the many who pass through our major thoroughfares, transportation is an ongoing issue. My goal in Precinct 4 for 2020 is to create a well-thought-out road maintenance plan to ensure your safety and ease of transportation on our county roads as well as to partner with other communities to enhance their roads as we can. (Think Argyle/Crawford Road and Northlake/Strader Road as examples.)

6. And on that note, to ensure your Precinct 4 roads are handled with the utmost professionalism and expertise, I resolve to increase training for our Road and Bridge West employees. A well-trained workforce is an important use of your tax dollars.

These are some of the main goals I have as we start this new decade. Each is an important component to ensuring your county government is efficient, transparent, communicative, looking ahead, supportive, easily traversed, and professional.

And yes, sigh, my perennial personal resolutions will also remain on the 2020 list!

If you would like to receive an e-newsletter about transportation projects in our area, please contact Precinct 4 Commissioner Dianne Edmondson at [email protected] and ask to be placed on the email list. You may phone her at 972-434-3960. Her office is located in the Southwest Courthouse, 6200 Canyon Falls Drive, Suite 900, in Flower Mound.