Dance Club brings Gay Paris to the Ranch

Your hosts for “An Evening in Paris,” The Dance Club Team

Your hosts for “An Evening in Paris,” The Dance Club Team

Vicki Baker

When the Dance Club plans a party, you know it’s gonna be good. When it plans a party with a Parisian theme, you know it’s gonna really be good! And that’s just what happened. With the Arc de Triomphe gracing the entrance to the ballroom, there was no mistaking that this was the location for “An Evening in Paris.”

Paris, legendary for its romance and beauty, was the inspiration for the April 22 party when the Dance Club brought the French City of Lights to life. The pink watercolor patterns paired with posh black and white accents made everyone say “Ooh, la la.” Fairy-lighted wine bottles adorned each table and added an even more authentic feel. Iconic landmarks, the Eiffel Tower and Arc de Triomphe, completed the Parisian vibe.

The allure of Paris night life and its romantic appeal mimicked old Parisian movies with the sold-out crowd strolling under the stars and dancing the night away to music from DJ Joel Morris. Fashion is a part of everyday life in France, and the party-goers took to the theme dressing in vintage black berets, red neckerchiefs, black and white striped tops, red suspenders, pink boas and even a few mustachios. Joie de vivre was truly the feel throughout the evening.

So, it’s au revoir until the next time we meet, July 15 when the Dance Clubs Rocks to the 50s!