Democratic Club presents the Great Gerrymandering debate

Vicki Baker

In Texas, like most states, district maps — which define where the constituency of one representative ends and that of another begins — are drawn by the state’s lawmakers. Having politicians define their own districts has not gone entirely smoothly, and several cases involving political gerrymandering, or the drawing of districts (especially oddly shaped districts) to favor one party over another, are now before the U.S. Supreme Court.

There’s a lot of complaining about gerrymandering with pros and cons on both sides of the argument. Currie Hawkins spoke to the Democratic Club during its recent monthly meeting and highlighted the pitfalls of the current system. He addressed the effects of gerrymandering, the complexities and tradeoffs of reforms and the huge effect the redistricting of Congressional maps has on U.S. politics.

The bottom line? Gerrymandering is a really easy practice to condemn and a really complex problem to solve. And just as there are no permanent majorities in American politics, there may never be such a thing as a perfect map.

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