Designing With Carol

Carol Collins, Carol’s Custom Draperies

What is Style?

From fashion to character to writing, style can have many meanings. As a noun style is defined as a particular kind, sort or type as with reference to form, appearance or character, an elegant, fashionable or luxurious mode of living, a mode of living as with respect to expense or display. Now I like these definitions!

Is style something we naturally have? Something we crave or something that is achievable by following instructions from someone who “has style?” When it comes to our homes, style is our ability to create an environment that flows, is well balanced, comfortable and an overall memorable creation.

How we find our style can be as daunting as finding a fashion style in clothing, shoes, hair and even our manicures.

I have a few suggestions that just might tame that daunting task.

The easiest, tried and true, trick is to browse through home magazines and books. Tear out pictures that catch your eye and place them in a file folder or envelop. If the internet is your choice of research, Pinterest and Houzz are two great ways to browse for style. Create style boards to your heart’s content.

Once you have finished your journey through these venues, take a look at the pictures you’ve selected and you’ll quickly see a pattern of style develop that will help you create your very own style.

Sound too easy? It really is. And you’ll soon discover the “decorator” inside of you. Your style doesn’t have to be based on periods of history; it just needs to reflect your personality and enthusiasm. Put it all together and you have your style.

We at Carol’s are experts on developing your window coverings with your style in mind. We bring together color and design to create the perfect treatment for any style décor. Give Carol’s a call at 940-565-8337. We are here to put the crowning touch on your style.

And as always, Happy Decorating!