Designing With Carol

Welcome home!

Carol Collins, Carol’s Custom Draperies

Nothing is more beautiful than a home whose décor says “You are welcome in our home.” So just how do you say welcome?

First, create a welcoming first impression on the outside. Make sure that your address is prominently displayed so your guests have no doubts that this is, indeed, your home.

Make sure your yard is tidy with nicely trimmed shrubs and walkways. Blooming plants in season always says “I welcome you to my home.”

Approaching the front door make sure you have your “welcome mat” out. That mat includes the mat itself, seasonal flowers in beautifully arranged pots and a wreath on the door.

Upon entering your home scents are always welcome. Burn your favorite candles, scency pots or even a dish of scented potpourri.

Dishes and jars of candy/nuts placed around the room let your guests know you are glad to have them in your home.

In the bathroom make sure you have paper hand towels available for guests to dry their hands.

Soft music playing in the background is always inviting to your guests. If you know your guests very well you probably know their tastes in music. That’s a great starting point. If not, smooth jazz is always great. Just make sure it’s playing softly so as not to interfere with conversation.

The little things you can do to make your guests feel welcome are simple yet so very important. Make an effort to create a welcoming environment for your guests; you’ll enjoy it too.

Visit us at our new location at 535 S. Locust St. in Denton. We are about five blocks south of the downtown square. Don’t worry about the parking; we have our own parking lot.

And as always, Happy Decorating!