Designing With Carol


Lauren Jones

Spring is here and the short gray days of winter are behind us. Outside, the flowers are blooming and the leaves on the trees are the fresh light green of new growth. Indoors, most of us are now throwing open the draperies and blinds to spring clean and may be noticing that our interiors are looking a bit dull compared to the vibrant color outdoors. What better way to make a home cheerful and seasonal for spring than to bring in some bright pops of color!

HGTV magazine has told us that pops of color are the way to liven up our interiors. Even if you love neutrals, a few decorative pillows in a lovely floral or fun stripe on a beige sofa can bring a favorite color into your living space. These pillows are easy to change out seasonally and are a very low commitment compared to painting an entire room. Think of blues and greens for spring and summer and golds and reds for autumn and winter.

A piece of art with a bold color can add interest to a neutral wall. Sometimes a favorite piece of art, be it a landscape or a bold abstract, can give us a jumping off point for color. What drew you in about the piece, was it the gentle yellow of the fields of a Van Gogh, or the deep orange and greys in a Pollock? Perhaps it is not a painting at all, but instead a Chinese blue and white vase collection or a piece of native American pottery in dusky tans and turquoise. Taking cues from your favorite artworks will help give you an idea of what colors to repeat in your space.

If you are lost when considering colors, just think about trips you have been on that made you happy. Maybe the turquoise colors of the Caribbean make you smile or the emerald green of the Irish countryside might appeal to you. Perhaps a day in Provence with its fields of lavender or the dusty orange streets of Morocco make you feel at home. Bringing these colors into your home can only help make your space more cheerful and personal.

Framing a window with panels of lush fabric also brings color and warmth to your living spaces. Draperies add texture to your rooms and functionally can be used to control the light during the long hot days of summer. Roman shades with a fun pattern and color can be matched to a painted barstool to liven up a kitchen without changing the main components of the space. At Carol’s, we have many designer fabrics to choose from to update your window treatments, pillows, custom bedding and upholstery needs.

Carol’s Custom Draperies is now open Monday through Friday from 10:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. and Saturdays by appointment. Call us today at 940-565-8337 or come see us at our showroom in downtown Denton so we can help you add some fun color to your space!

Happy Decorating!