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Save the date for the Emeritus College fall open house Thursday, August 11, 2016.

Join us in the Robson Ranch Ballroom to see the fall lineup of classes! Register early to get the classes of your choice! For further information on becoming a member and enrolling in classes or to reserve your space in the August 11 open house:

Website: lifelong.unt.edu/emerituscollege

Email: emerituscollege@unt.edu

Phone: 940-369-7293

In June indulge your wild side and explore the world with a UNT Travel Learn trip to Brittany and Normandy, D-Day Landings and Mont St. Michel, June 12 – June 18

Join us on an exclusive historic walking tour of Brittany and Normandy, which includes a day-long tour of the D-Day Landings site and a visit to the U.S. cemetery. Get a chance to see the battery as it was left on D-Day at the scene of the largest airborne night assault in history. Enjoy a stay at the famous islet of Mont St. Michel and dine on the famous omelette de la Mere Poulard. Back on the mainland a stroll through Normandy’s famous ‘bocage’ enables us to sample the renowned apple brandy made from the local orchards and homemade ice-cream.

Northumbria: Land of castles, saints, and Vikings, June 26 – July 2

Join us as we visit England and Scotland through spectacular coastlines and hidden harbors. We start our trip at Berwick Railway Station in Northern England and walk across the border for a foray into Scotland and travel the 1,400-year old Pilgrim Way. For 700 years the history of Northumbria has been bound up with the Percy family, and we delve into their fascinating history at magnificent Alnwick Castle, star of many films and still home to the Percys today.

For more information or to explore other tours visit the Travel Learn website: lifelong.unt.edu/TravelLearn.