Flag displays show Robson Ranch Patriotism

Old Glory’s place of honor at Robson Ranch

Old Glory’s place of honor at Robson Ranch

Mike Hoernemann

On holidays and other special occasions Support Our Troops (SOT) volunteers erect the popular 180-flag display along the medians from the main gate to the clubhouse. The flags will be displayed five times over just the next few weeks. On Friday, May 5, the flags were displayed to honor visiting military participating in the annual SOT Charity Golf Tournament.

Flags will next be flown on Saturday, May 20, to honor serving military on Armed Forces Day and again on Monday, May 29, in observance of Memorial Day. All residents are invited to attend a special Memorial Day ceremony honoring all those who have died while in uniform, which will be held at 10 a.m. in Veterans Park.

Volunteers will again erect the flags on Flag Day, Wednesday, June 14, and on the Fourth of July.

Residents are encouraged to set out their own flags on the days when the median flags are displayed. Residents who would like to purchase a new flag and have it installed in their yard or replace an existing flag or just need help to locate the overgrown location for displaying their flag should contact SOT Treasurer Quinn Sowell at [email protected] or by completing a flag request form, which is available under SOT in the HOA website list of Clubs and Organizations.