The four calling birds were quite the quackers


Maureen Lehrer

Fifty members of the Argyle United Methodist Church Adult Sunday School Open Hearts, Open Minds, Open Doors, gathered at the Robson Ranch Clubhouse on December 10 for their annual Christmas Party.

The John Kirks and the Eldon Reynolds greeted the guests upon arrival. Placecards were given out to insure you would get to know someone a little better. The tables were decorated by ladies of the class.

During our social time we toured all the tables to look at the pictures of our parents we brought for the evening’s program.

Rev. Chris Schoolcraft of AUMC gave the blessing.

We enjoyed a buffet dinner of roast pork and savory sides. The class brought a cake decorated for the “Reason for the Season!”

Singing The Twelve Days of Christmas turned out to be quite a hoot! Several of the verses had some action item or props to display during the singing. We had a Partridge in a Pear/Pine tree, three pairs of two Turtle Doves, three French Hens—three of my chickens, Four Calling Birds, which was a duck call tooted three times. I chuckled each time while playing the piano! Five Gold Rings—wreaths covered with gold ribbon. Six Geese a laying—an ostrich egg; seven swans a swimming—well, just swimming, eight maids a milking—antique milk bottles with a questionable white content, nine ladies dancing, 10 Lords a leaping—yes, leaping; 11 pipers piping—pretend piping, and 12 drummers drumming—a drum. It was a pretty funny sight to see and hear. Maureen Lehrer played the piano and Connie Dubois and Barbara Wilking led the singing.

The program of the evening was showing photos of our parents and talking a bit about their lives and thus where we came from. What you are is what and “where” you were when! We enjoyed getting to know more about each other during the entire evening of parent conversation.

Leta Muniz accompanied us on the piano while we sang a favorite, Away in a Manager.

Barbara Wilking led the door prize give away for 10 lucky winners.

The Social Committee members are Maureen Lehrer, Donna Emison, Sharon Estill and Barbara Wilking.