Gardeners hold Q & A meeting

Lori Slocum, Bonnie West, Cathy Lustgarten and Ed Laube

Lori Slocum, Bonnie West, Cathy Lustgarten and Ed Laube

Barbara Anderson

The Robson Ranch Garden Club began its program year on Monday, September 19, with a panel-led “Question and Answer” time for those attending. Gardeners always have questions and love to share information! Janie Cindric, Denton County Master Gardener, and Clyde Roberts offered both to the gardeners’ questions. Janie is a flower specialist and Clyde is a vegetable specialist, so as we come out of another warm and dry Texas summer and think about fall vegetable gardening, both Janie and Clyde are the go-to people.

During the business meeting the officers for 2016-2017 were introduced: President Barbara Anderson; Vice-President and Program Chair Mary Ann Rich; Secretary Kathy Marrou; Treasurer Geils Hegranes; Membership Barbara Warren. Special thanks were given to Geils who volunteered to fill the suddenly vacant position of treasurer. She was approved unanimously by the Board. Our recently retired treasurer, Nancy Buenzow, was honored by the club.

Membership sign-up for the year was a focus of the gathering. Dues are $10 per household and are good from September 1 – August 31, our fiscal and program year. If you are interested in membership, please call Barbara Warren at 425-443-4578. Membership has its benefits, so please consider it. We look forward to a wonderful variety of programs this year: there will be a road trip in October; a meeting with speaker and demonstration in November; and our annual lunch in December. The off-campus trip in October is limited to those who have become members, so remember to give Barbara Warren a call.

Autumn began in the late morning of 23 September. A sure sign of the season is the chrysanthemum with its beautiful jewel colors. From The Naming of Flowers by Scoble and Field we learn that “…because the chrysanthemum blooms in November, it stands for the light of hope in dark times. In the Victorian flower code a white chrysanthemum stood for truth, a yellow chrysanthemum for slighted love.” Of Asian origin, the “mum” is mentioned by Confucius and is often painted on Chinese ceramics. Enjoy the mums!