Getting high on winning the Kiwanis BINGO way

Trudi Peterson getting that natural “high” from her two Bingo wins

Trudi Peterson getting that natural “high” from her two Bingo wins

Vicki Baker

Bingo has taken the world by storm! And Kiwanis brought that “storm” to Robson Ranch for another fun-filled day of winning big on the afternoon of April 24. But winning is more than lining your pockets with big jackpots. It is the “high” of winning (or coming so close) that signals a thrill like no other. Ranchers came out for that thrill and a chance to win over $1,500 in cold hard cash.

What causes that pulsating excitement that races through your body every time you win? It’s those magical endorphins that give off a feeling of sheer euphoria and create the rush. The sensation is an amazing feeling, and if we could bottle that sensation surely a fortune could be made. The great thing about this fantastic high is how it zaps the bingo player and creates heightened pleasure at that precise moment of winning.

A 75-ball bingo session starts, but things don’t start heating up until a player has one or two unmarked numbers remaining; that’s when the chemical reaction slowly begins to kick in. The anticipation and excitement escalate as each new bingo ball is drawn. Then it happens – the number you’ve been waiting for. It’s fireworks and pure ecstasy!

Win or lose, the endorphins are in high gear at the sheer thought of hitting the big one. Ask any bingo player what they love about the game, and they will tell you that in addition to the actual win it’s the enthusiasm and anxious expectations of a potential win. High hopes are what drives the player, and winning is the cherry on top.

Next time you play bingo remember your endorphins are waiting patiently to surprise you with a natural high! Want to continue that “high” and sense of winning? Become a part of Kiwanis on the first and third Friday of each month at 8:30 a.m. in the Clubhouse. For more information contact Barbara Leurig at