Girls on Wheels just horsing around

Can we get a YeeHaw?

Saddle up and ride in style.

Vicki Baker

One of the most unique aspects of the Dallas-Fort Worth area is the seamless blend of city with country life. While DFW is among the top five largest metroplexes in Texas, there is still easy access to beautiful landscapes, stunning wildlife and perhaps most specific to Fort Worth – horseback riding. Fort Worth has a rich tradition of celebrating all that is western, and in this special place you can really get a feel for the Old Wild West. So, being city slickers, Girls on Wheels was eager to embrace the cowboy spirit and headed to the historic Fort Worth Stockyards Stables.

After being fitted on our gentle and well-mannered horses (and one mule), we left the stockyards then rode down the Chisholm Trail. Cowboys used this route to drive cattle herds north toward the railroads at the height of the Wild West era. While on part of the original route of the historic Chisholm Trail, we experienced a piece of history while enjoying our relaxing ride. The trail took us along the Trinity River and provided a breathtaking view of the Fort Worth skyline and, being a warm Wednesday morning, the trails were sparsely populated. We definitely viewed Fort Worth from a whole new perspective—atop a horse.

While so many destinations allow you to play cowboy (or cowgirl) for a few hours, a visit to Fort Worth gave us a chance to see the cowboy way of life up close and personal. The city’s reputation as a western mecca was not exaggerated. We knew about the Fort Worth Rodeo and the Stockyards but were surprised to see that the country western way of life permeated throughout city. Guess they don’t call it Cowtown for nothing.

Visiting the Fort Worth Stockyards Historic District and Stables was a bit like stepping back in time. It’s not easy being a cowgirl (for a day), but if the boots fit… And along the way we discovered the path to our friendship was paved with hoof prints.