Girls on Wheels Venture into “Cyber-ia”

Girls on Wheels suit up for virtual battle.

Vicki Baker

We’ve enlisted into the space patrol fleet that protects the Earth. Suddenly a mysterious asteroid field appears. It’s our job to lead the investigation and prevent it from getting any closer. What could be lurking in the shadows? A routine mission rapidly becomes a struggle to neutralize the invading alien enemy and protect our planet.

An ancient and haunted mine is taken over by an evil force that claims it as a lair for itself and its minions. An old miner needs our help recovering his mine but warns us of danger constantly lurking around every bend. Ghosts, ghouls, mummies, and even worse. Ah! They’re just exaggerated stories from the old miner, right?

Girls on Wheels were at the center of all the “cyber-ian” action as we immersed ourselves into the computer-generated world of XD Ride Adventure. The 8-seat theater took us along on an amazing adventure by combining the thrill of a roller coaster, the 7D interactive simulation of a video game, and the awe-inspiring sensation of virtual reality.

“7D?” we asked. The 3D glasses created stunning graphics making the content on the screen come to life. The other D’s were motion, wind and sound technology, interactivity and scoring, and amazing special effects. Get ready, Girls on Wheels, hold on for a wild ride!

Once strapped into our motion seats, we felt the range of subtle vibrations to intense back and forth with side to side movements giving us the sensations of falling, jumping, crashing, and flying. The state-of-the-art sound system, wind, and light effects engulfed our senses. And to fend off enemy attacks, we were equipped with laser blasters.

In our interactive story lines, we explored fantastical worlds. We saved the planet from aliens, conquered terrorizing ghouls in the depths of a mine, and outsmarted bandits in the wild west. We were heroes in the world of virtual reality. Oh, the thrill of victory!

With all the battling, besting, and triumphing, we worked up an appetite, and went in search of another new world, this one in the culinary universe. We landed at the Maple Leaf Diner which served up traditional Canadian favorites such as peameal bacon, pierogies, and chicken and waffles.

What a day! A virtual experience and tasting new flavors and dishes surrounded by friends, fun, and laughter. XD Ride Adventure virtually transported Girls on Wheels from our theater seats into the big screen action. We became a part of the game transcending time, space, and imagination. With great friends, life is just like a video game – the next level a bit more challenging and always a heap more interesting. Yep, life would be pretty boring without your girlfriends.