Happy Potters select new officers

President Judie Smothers and Vice President Colleen Jordan unload a kiln.

President Judie Smothers and Vice President Colleen Jordan unload a kiln.

Jan Marx

Welcome to our new president, Judie Smothers, and vice-president, Colleen Jordan! They join Nancy Lussier, secretary, and Gary Triebsch, treasurer, on the board. Also thanks to Dawn Schiegg who served as vice-president for two years and president for two, and to Shirley Waterhouse who was vice-president last year. Shirley is continuing as photographer.

As in many clubs each time we select a new president he or she plans to maintain old practices as well as integrating new ones. Judie says she is looking forward to the club continuing to offer classes presented not only by members but also by outside sources as well. One of her goals is to make sure that good communication of ideas and policies will reach all members in a timely manner. Her personal goal is to learn more about glazing pieces, which is often difficult for many potters. “Learning from one’s mistakes isn’t fun,” she said. “I find I pick up information from everyone in the club, from the newest members to the more accomplished. That’s what makes being a part of the organization enjoyable.” Judie, a painter, said that she likes both mediums. Together painting and pottery keep her rounded.

Colleen, who like Judie has lived many different places, enjoys crafting but like many members doesn’t see herself as creative. “It’s wonderful,” she said, “how everyone in the club is there to help each other.” She said she looks forward to the members sharing their ideas and techniques by providing workshops.

Coming up: Orientation for new members—September 12-22; Liz Katz’s Making a Horse class; Jackie Graham’s Pine Needle Weaving Bowls class. The Happy Potters will participate in the Robson Ranch Craft Bazaar as usual.