Helping others have a Merry Christmas the Robson way

Sally Baggott, Peggy Crandell, Judy Ondina

Sally Baggott, Peggy Crandell, Judy Ondina

Peggy Crandell

Oh what fun it is to ride in a one-horse open sleigh, or fill your car with toys and games to give away.

This is exactly what 12 Robson women did the week before Christmas by adopting a single-parent family with five children. These ladies had a fabulous time gathering toys, clothes, food and entertainment items for the entire family. Dividing into groups of two, each group took one child and fulfilled that child’s Christmas wishes including special surprises. The mother received clothing and kitchen items: microwave, pots and pans and a crockpot, as well as some spa items for herself. Food items and gift cards were tucked in among all the presents to not only provide a traditional Christmas dinner with all the fixings, but also extra food for many meals to come. Hopefully this family enjoyed all their gifts as much as the women enjoyed buying them and knowing this effort provided a nice Christmas for a family in need.

This project began a tradition these women plan to continue for many years. Those participating were Sally Baggott, Glenda Brown, Mary Ann Carroll, Carol Cieslik, Peggy Crandell, Gayle Coe, Sharon Foy, Margaretha Kortschak, Joan Krause, Judy Ondina, Ruby Wilson and Jan Utzman.