HOA Trivia Night

Althea Parent

The August Trivia had to be the sweetest and most active of any in the past. The sponsor, Nothing Bundt Cakes, sent two staff members, Shelby and Kasey, who kept the crowd busy all night. They did an excellent job being the music extraordinaire, time keeper and even got everybody on their feet with the YMCA song towards the end of the night. It was definitely a sweet night with everybody receiving a Bundtlet “Buy One Get One Free” coupon, a Bundtini, and door prizes consisting of six Bundtlet Towers and two 10-inch Bundt Cake certificates. The HOA also had four $10 gift certificates to the Wildhorse Grill as door prizes.

There were 21 playing teams and two spectator teams, and they were full of hoops and howlers all night. There are always some easy questions, but of course there are those that you have to really think about and only have three minutes to come up with an answer.

For those that haven’t played before, there are six rounds of questions, which are made up of three questions each, and teams bet points on their answers; the halftime question that had eight possible answers and teams received one point for each correct answer. The final question was worth 20 points or teams could bet a minimum of one point. If they bet zero points they lost all 20 points. At this point of the night it’s all about strategy when betting on the final question. Several teams went for broke and bet all their points, and nobody got the answer correct. Some got part of the answer correct but had to have both answers correct to get the points. Most of the teams were close going into the final questions, and those teams that only bet one point were the winning teams.

The categories vary each Trivia Night, but here are a few of the questions from the August Trivia. Answers are at the bottom.

1. Landmarks: What Arizona landmark was misidentified as being in Colorado on a hastily recalled U.S. stamp?

2. Retail: What mass retailer perked up its image by launching kettles and toasters by Michael Graves?

3. Symbol: What is the name of the symbol on the no.6 key on a computer keyboard?

4. Final Question – Flags: What’s the only nation to have a single-colored flag from 1977-2011 and what was the color?

Yes, eight teams members working together as one…no use of cell phones…no call a friend!

The winning team members each received Wildhorse Grill Gift Certificates.

Congratulations: Ranch Hands 63 point; Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me 50 points; Tip of the Tongue 49 points.

Mark your calendars for the last 2016 Trivia Night, Friday, November 4, 7:00–9:30 p.m. sponsored by Emilio Gonzalez with RFG Wealth Management. Take in an early dinner at the Grill and then come ready to play!

Answers: 1. Grand Canyon; 2. Target; 3. Caret; 4. Libya/Green.