International Group meetings

The Robson Ranch International Group

The Robson Ranch International Group

The International Group got together at Rupa Mathur’s new home on Thursday, February 23, at 6:00 p.m. Although Rupa had moved to her new home only two weeks before, she had agreed to host the meeting since her house has a large patio and the members could gather there comfortably and socialize. The club agreed to fund the food catered by Khoa San Thai Kitchen restaurant. The dinner menu included Thai chicken satay, spring rolls for appetizers and cashew delight with chicken, red pork curry, ginger stir fry as the main dishes along with chicken fried rice prepared by Rupa; Alfred made his popular cake. The members brought their own drinks. Some of the members were kind enough to bring much needed extra folding chairs. There were approximately 32 members at the dinner.

We were delighted to have Mara Lewis from Cuba, Alan Robson from England and his wife Jan at our dinner. This brings the total number of new members for this year to five so far. The members were reminded that if they met or interacted with Robson Ranch residents of foreign origin to encourage them to become members of the club.

A meeting was held on March 3, 2017 by the board members. The members at the meeting included Jennie Chiang, treasurer; Marie-Christine Koop, president; and Rupa Mathur, vice president. Salette Ogren, sunshine person, could not attend the meeting. The main topics at the meeting included submitting the treasurer’s report to the member. Rupa Mathur will continue writing articles for publication in the Pioneer Press, and have our club added will to the list of Robson Ranch Clubs in the Pioneer Press, which is published monthly. There were other topics also discussed such as advertising our club on Channel 21 and including the past president to be a member of the board.

We had our March meeting organized by Farida Saleh and Marlena Hutin. The members met at the Robson Ranch Grill on Thursday, March 16, at 6:00 p.m. for dinner. The dinner was a buffet, which enabled the members to walk around and mingle and enjoy the wide variety of delicious food.

Our International Club currently has approximately 37 members, and they come from various countries including Sweden, Germany, Hong Kong-China, Netherlands, Croatia, Ireland, Ecuador, Denmark, Colombia, France, Cuba, India, Belgium, South Africa, Brazil, Great Britain, Egypt and Italy.

We encourage new members who meet the eligibility requirements to become members. For further information please contact our president, Marie-Christine Koop. Her email is:

We would like to thank Marie-Christine Koop for doing an outstanding job as a president of the club. Within a few months she has increased the membership, drafted the by-laws, updated member list, circulated the minutes of the board meeting to the members, publicized the club, arranged outings and future meetings.