Introducing a new club to Robson Ranch

Silver Steppers lady tappers

Megan Wiegand

I would like to introduce you to a new club at Robson Ranch. Silver Steppers is a tapdancing club. We are ladies of all sizes, ages and abilities. This is a great and fun way to work on balance, core strength and agility. I would say that your mind also gets a good work out learning all the new terms like flap, buffalo, Shirley Temple. Then of course, there is always the tricky left and right!

We are very fortunate to have a wonderful teacher, Sara, who has tons of patience with us when asked to repeat the same step for the 20th time. We do a lot of repetitions along with learning new moves. Some of us (me) don’t always pick up new moves quickly.

Did you tap many moons ago? Or, like me, never before? I would like to encourage you to come try a class with us. No tap shoes needed. We meet Wednesdays at 11:15 a.m. in the Legacy Room at the Clubhouse. Hope to see you soon.