IPTPA names Roberson Texas Regional Director

Recently Ford Roberson of Robson Ranch was named a Regional Director for the International Pickleball Teaching Professional Association. Better known as IPTPA, the association has offices in a Chicago suburb. The organization was formed at USAPA Nationals in November of 2015 and currently has sites in 11 states. Texas was the tenth state site to be chosen by IPTPA. Pickleball hotbeds Florida, Arizona and California have multiple locations for certification.

Each regional director has the responsibility of training and testing prospective candidates to become a certified pickleball teaching professional (CPTP). The association has a similar structure to the USPTA for tennis. Each candidate must submit a resume, pass an on-line test over rules, techniques and strategies for successful play, a demonstration of 23 different skills at a proficiency of 80% or better and a lesson observation where the candidate demonstrates knowledge of proper instruction.

Pickleball continues to grow at an amazing rate with over 4,000 places to play in the United States and an estimated 2.5 million players. The United Kingdom, Spain, India and the continent of Australia are in a rapid growth period for pickleball as well. Come out and join the movement right here at Robson Ranch.