It’s not too late – a journey toward healing


Joyce C. Stanley’s newly released It’s Not Too Late is the emotionally driven story of a couple, Nick and Sara, trying to find worth and purpose amid a dwindling marriage. It is a heart-touching and thought-provoking narrative that shows relatable moments of doubt and resilience in relationships.

This is not just a book for married people; it is a help for anyone in any type of relationship, for it shows how difficulties develop that fracture relationships and families. Readers will see themselves in the characters and will be inspired by their actions that move them forward towards change. It serves as a guide on how to change through the vivid stories of characters whose lives are healed by God.

It’s Not Too Late is the creation of published author Joyce C. Stanley, a recipient of a B.A. from Penn State University, an M.Ed from the State University of New York, and a counseling certification from Exchanged Life Mnistries, Colorado. She was counselor and director of a counseling center in Houston, Texas and this story is born out of her over thirty years of counseling experience.

Joyce is leading groups here at Robson entitled, “Steps to Restoring Relationships,” which is a workbook contained at the end of her book. You can contact Joyce at [email protected]

It’s Not Too Late can be ordered from, Apple iTunes Store or Barnes and Noble. It has been nominated for the 2018 Christian Literary Award.