MGA9 Membership profiles in discouragement numero dos

Frank Ruggiero

Frank Ruggiero

John Burkholder, MGA9 Communications

So you think you’re a long-time, avid RR Denton golfer, huh? Well meet another guy that sets the mark, Frank Ruggiero.

Frank and wife Judy moved to Robson Ranch, Denton, from North Carolina in May 2003, having bought their lot in December 2001. That’s 13 years this month; either one year more or one year less than Profiles in Discouragement Numero Uno, Jack Zastrow, depending on which date you benchmark, lot purchase or house move-in. Regardless, both Frank and Jack have been here long enough to remember the original Texas landowner Indians!

But it was family, not the local Indians that brought Frank and Judy to Denton. Closeness to family was primary to both, so to be near their daughter, Nancy, and her husband Paul Bearry and grandchildren Aaroo (19) and Amanda (15), RR Denton was the obvious best choice.

Born in Queens, NYC and raised in College Point (another section of NYC), Frank spent 30 years with IBM in Information Systems, Marketing Support and Systems Engineering Operations. However, if you’re looking for help with any current computer or software issues, don’t call Frank! Golf has been Frank’s obsession for more years than he spent at IBM! The proof is that he became VP of RR Golf the year he moved in and President the next two.

During RR Denton’s early years Frank was intimately involved with all aspects of golf: playing, organizing and managing. Not only was Frank a RR Golf officer for three years, he was also involved in the founding of the Men’s Golf Association (MGA) and later the RR Greens Committee, which he also chaired for its first two years plus. All this while still rooting for his favorite team, the NY Yankees, in his favorite sport, baseball. Speaking of which, Frank actually played baseball at several levels and was even offered a professional contract early on. Frank was a pitcher primarily, but when not pitching played the outfield due to his “big bat” abilities. Frank was such a good pitcher that he actually threw five, yes five, no-hitters. Who here at RR can make such a claim?

Turning back to golf, Frank’s best Ranch rounds were shot in 2004: 33 on the front nine on March 6 and 33 on the back nine on November 10. Yep, Frank’s best scores were for nine holes rounds, which may explain why he was so adamant about having a men’s nine hole golf association. That plus as Frank’s years at the Ranch passed, his handicap has grown from a very respectful eight to its current, and in Frank’s mind discouraging (get the tie-in to Profiles in Discouragement?) but still respectable 18. That handicap growth plus the inevitable aging process led Frank to champion the fight for and lead the founding of RR Denton Men’s Golf Association 9 (MGA9) in August 2013. Since its founding Frank has served as MGA9’s president and vocal leader.

We old and older, broken-down duffers owe a huge, sincere thanks to Frank for never backing down for MGA9! Without Frank’s tenacity we wouldn’t be having nearly as much fun as we do playing a regular, weekly nine Ranch holes of golf! Along the way Frank has continued his involvement in many, and some might say too many, ways like keeping the course’s many trees neatly trimmed and clean of sucker branches, a Frank Ruggiero pet peeve! Frank always puts in his two cents (probably more like dollars!) worth into all issues affecting golf at the Ranch, much to the betterment of all involved.

Thanks, Frank, for 13 years supporting golf here at Wildhorse Country Club at the Ranch in Denton, TX!