All new forum for Ballroom Dancers


Nancy Toppan

What’s new in ballroom dancing for 2018? The latest news from the Lonestar Ballroom is that these dancers have kicked off 2018 with an ambitious goal in mind. Monday nights have been added to the agenda at no charge. DJ Terry Duffield, cranks up the tunes while dancers dance around the ballroom for their enjoyment. Others may be practicing steps they recently learned while some are taking a private lesson.

Thursday night group classes offers new scheduling, catering to all dance levels. Dancers have the option of basic/intermediate level classes or intermediate/advanced. All levels of dance are invited to take the basic class the first night of a new dance in order to review and make sure everyone is on the same page. Those who are undecided may try out all classes to decide their level at no extra charge.

Many of the ballroom dancers attend the Denton Senior Center dances every second and fourth Friday as a group, as well as the Robson Ranch dances.

Dancers are in the process of developing some great dance patterns that they can use when attending the various dances. These ballroom dancers are concentrating on learning and practicing jitterbug, 3-step, slow dance, East Coast swing, waltz, cha cha, rumba, night club two step, salsa, country/Western 2-step, and progressive double 2, just to mention a few.

If you get a chance to talk to one of our ballroom dancers, you will see how excited they are. And, I bet they will invite you to come join them.