Pickleball skills training

Susan Parker

Fred Thompson, the Director of Player Development for the Robson Ranch Pickleball Club, recently conducted a referee training class. The class will provide future referees for club, regional and national tournaments to be held at Robson Ranch. The turnout of interested club members stepping forward was great. A big thank you goes out to Fred for leading the class and all those players who completed the training and will be referees in future tournaments!

Ford Roberson, the president of the Robson Ranch Pickleball Club, held a skills training class on singles play. Not only is Ford our president, but he is also the IPTPA (International Pickleball Teaching Professionals Association) Regional Director for Texas. In the entire United States, Ford estimates that there are less than a dozen singles teaching professionals. The class received both classroom and on-court instruction on playing singles in pickleball. A coordinated outdoor play group for singles players is now being formed.

For more information on the Robson Ranch Pickleball club, check out the club website at www.rrdpc.com.