Robson authors honored

On December 8, Klaus Dannenberg and Joyce Stanley attended the gala Christian Literary Awards, held in Arlington, Texas.

Klaus’s book, Honoring Aging Parents: How to Grow Up When Mom and Dad Grow Old and Joyce’s book, It’s Not Too Late: How God Rescues Broken Relationships were each nominated in different categories to receive the Henri Award as part of the Christian Literary Awards ceremony.

Although neither of our local authors won the award, each was honored to have been nominated. Their books were read by numerous judges and deemed worthy of the nominations. As a result, both also were interviewed live on The Review on the Fishbowl Radio Network.

Klaus’s book helps family members deal with aging parents and the difficulties and trials that occur. It can answer many questions, providing an awareness of caregiving issues as well as insights into the unanticipated joys that are associated with it.

Joyce’s book is a story of a family who finds forgiveness from God, who enables them to forgive each other in order to save their marriage and their family. Included is a study guide entitled Steps to Restoring Relationships. Joyce’s and Klaus’s books are very helpful in showing us how God can work in our lives to supply what we need as we walk through the many challenges that we face and hopefully overcome.

Although our Robson authors did not come home with the coveted trophies, they certainly enjoyed seeing their pictures and their books on the screens for all to recognize. A wonderful time was had by Klaus and Joyce and their guests.