Robson Ranch Birding Group

The Robson Ranch Birding Group

The Robson Ranch Birding Group

John Kirk

The Birding Interest Group met at the Cindric home on September 22. Twenty-four of the 30 people who have shown interest in the group attended the meeting. It appears that many of the folks are feeding birds on the Ranch. Most have seen hummingbirds at their feeders; however, the number of hummers being seen is decreasing as they begin their migration to the south.

The main topic of discussion was bird migrations. Many of the birds that rely on insects for food such as the purple martins, barn swallows, common nighthawks and scissor-tailed flycatchers have left the Ranch. Now we are looking forward to the arrival of all the sparrows from the northern states and Canada. Field, Harris, Savannah, White-crown, white-throated and vesper sparrow are expected soon.

We had several field trips planned in late September and will continue to go birding at local “hotspots” each week. Anyone interested in joining the informal group may do so by contacting John Kirk, He is keeping an email listing of interested people and will let them know when trips are planned. We also have articles available through email on the birds of the Ranch, local birding spots and pictures of birds that will be coming down from the north.