Robson Ranch Catholic Club


Irene Manning

met on April 10 in the home of Jack and Dolores Kearney. The meeting was opened with a prayer by the president of the Catholic Club, John Goodpaster. Members asked for prayers for friends and relatives.

John Goodpaster introduced our guest speaker, Mr. John Seago. Mr. Seago is the Legislative Director for Texas Right to Life. He leads the research, writing and lobbying for state legislation on bioethical issues like abortion, euthanasia, stem cell research and patient’s rights.

Mr. Seago informed the members, on the different state of Texas laws concerning end of life issues and a state law that allows a hospital and doctor to decide to withdraw treatment from a patient without the approval of the patient or patient’s family. Texas Right to Life has been trying to change this law because they feel that the patient and family should be the ones to decide to withdraw treatment. The state gives you ten days to find another hospital or facility to move the patient to. Texas Right to Life has been instrumental in helping patients find another hospital or facility that would accept the patient. Mr. Seago did a wonderful job in explaining the state laws in a very understandable way and the members found his presentation very informative and helpful. There was also a period of time for question and answers.

Following the presentation, members enjoyed some fellowship and the wonderful refreshments provided by some of the members. The May meeting will be a potluck dinner and this will be the last get-together until September.