Robson Ranch Gun Club holds swap meet


Dick Remski, President

Thanks to Larry Hampton, vice president, our club held its first ever swap meet on May 8, 2018 open to members only, at a facility off site from the Ranch. Members were invited to bring shooting accessories, equipment and a limited number of firearms to offer for sale or trade to other club members. All firearms were safety inspected at the door and actions zip-tied open for safety. A few safe queens changed hands and some other equipment was traded around and sold. Not a big money-making event for anyone, but lots of camaraderie and lots of stories told, perhaps some even true!

The Robson Ranch Gun Club is devoted to safety education, history and the safe and legal use of firearms in all forms of the shooting sports, from clay to paper targets, hunting, antique firearms, reloading and training.

The next general club meeting will be held on June 12 at 1:00 p.m. in the clubhouse with program to be announced in upcoming HOA bulletins.