Robson Ranch Library: An Oasis in the Ranch

Andy Yonkovich

Good grief, I just discovered an “oasis” in Robson Ranch. My name is Andy Yonkovich and I have lived here at Robson Ranch for over a year with my mother, Margaret. My Mom is dealing with multiple medical issues and requires a full time caregiver. I quit my full time job working as a pharmacy technician and agreed to live with her to see that her daily needs were met. The change in lifestyle has been difficult for me at times despite knowing my Mom benefits for the company and daily assistance. I have to say there are times I feel the need to get out of the house and away from the television. I have found a few activities here at the Ranch that allow me to be out and get some needed exercise, but then recently I walked into the Robson Ranch Library. I discovered that the library is the perfect oasis for me. With its central location, the library can be reached in minutes from anyplace in the Ranch. I can go into the library, read and relax or just meditate. The space is so pleasant with plenty of room and lots of light. And the seating is so pleasant, I cannot believe how comfortable the chairs are. Anyhow, I am thankful that I found the library and I continue to enjoy my visits there. I would recommend this convenient oasis to any resident who needs a place to go and get away from their everyday routine. I hope to see you soon at the library!