Robson Ranch Writers Guild’s Carl Smothers’ latest book – MP-1: The Mineral Planet

Carl Smothers

Science and technology combined with my experience in research and development of state-of-the-art weapon systems is the basis of the science fiction novels I write. I enjoy using this knowledge and my overactive imagination to create exciting stories set in high tech worlds with suspenseful, action-filled plots embellished with unexpected twists and turns. MP-1 is the sequel to my first novel. This story involves the original characters from The Wormhole Project in a new and exciting adventure, one that immerses them in an interplanetary war, encounters with deadly predatory monsters, and an effort to save an ancient Entity who has labored more than 1,000 years to complete a sacred mission.


Astronauts discover a predator-infested planet plush with minerals and elements needed by a resource-starved Intergalaxial Federation. Mining operations are rapidly set up to harvest the valuable ores. Suddenly and without warning something starts killing the miners. The massacres are so gruesome the Federation dispatches Carmen Stevens and a spec ops team to MP-1.

The investigation leads Carmen to discover a rare element needed to support her research on dark energy reactors, and she makes telepathic contact with an unknown Entity. The creature desperately wants to communicate with the aliens invading her world, so instead of killing Carmen and the spec ops soldiers, the Entity asks for Carmen’s help to ensure no one enters her cavern, located deep in the mine site. In exchange she will stop killing and allow Carmen to obtain the elements needed for her research.

Governments of competing worlds learn about MP-1 and its vast resources. Soon a bloody interplanetary war breaks out to determine who will control the most valuable piece of real estate in the Galaxy.

The Entity is drawn into the middle of the conflict. As soldiers invade and decimate the environment, she fights to save her world and prevent an unthinkable catastrophe. The war leaves her discouraged, exhausted and close to dying. She must get help or fail to complete her mission.

After a truce is signed the Federation moves the mine site to another location, and mining operations are resumed. Concerned for the miner’s safety, they order Carmen to return to MP-1 and give her 30 days to devise a plan to keep the miners safe, or despite Carmen’s objections, destroy the Entity — regardless of the consequences. Available on in eBook or paperback.