Robson Rovers RV Club annual picnic

Lynn Barringer

Even the sizzling 100-degree temperature couldn’t stop the Robson Rovers RV Club members from enjoying the camaraderie and great food at their annual picnic held at the home of John and Mary Rohde on June 2. BBQ potluck with all the fixin’s and assorted desserts and beverages made the evening a huge success! Our group of about ten couples enjoy traveling together in our RVs around the U.S. to see and enjoy the sites of the areas we explore. The fun and friendships made from our travels makes this group an extended family of warm welcoming people enjoying having fun together. Our evenings on the road always end in a happy hour that lasts until dark where we can share stories and refreshments and just kick back and enjoy being together in the great outdoors. Heck, we have so much fun we even have members that don’t have RVs!

The group meets monthly, October through June, on the second Monday of the month, 7:00 p.m., at one of our member’s homes. Dues are $20 a year and this covers the annual BBQ and annual Christmas Dinner. We all discuss places to travel and what to see and any pertinent business matters. The men talk RV stuff, equipment/repairs and plan the road trips to include a golf outing or two, while the ladies plan the excursions of what to see when we get there to include a shopping spree or two. A little something for everyone! Trips can be two to three days or last a couple of weeks depending on the destination. We’ve traveled together to places close to home such as Winstar, Canton and San Antonio, as well as Yellowstone National Park, Crater of Diamonds State Park and Durango, CO. It’s so nice after the summer to get together again to hear about each other’s journeys and share highlights of the trips taken independently.

So, if you’re interested in traveling and own an RV or think you’d like to learn more about RVing, please come to one of our monthly meetings. The meetings and locations are posted on the Robson Ranch daily event calendar and everyone is invited to attend. You won’t find a nicer group of people at the Ranch to spend time with as you share travel experiences and enjoy friendships made along the way.