Rock and Roll Martini Group rock on at November meeting


Dave Parker

The House Band (host) for the November meeting of the Rock and Roll Martini Group was Susan Hebert. Our tradition is that the House Band gets to pick the music for the evening. Susan picked arguably the greatest Rock and Roll band ever, the Beatles.

The Beatles formed in Liverpool England in 1960 and went on to transform popular music. The Beatles became the highest certified act of all time, with over 170 million albums sold in America to 2008. The Rockers (members) enjoyed three martinis during the evening. The “Yellow Submarine Martini,” the “James Bond Martini” and of course an “Appletini” were all consumed in great quantities. The food for the evening included bangers and mash, an English favorite, English panini and British cucumber shrimp appetizers. It was another evening of loud Rock and Roll music, flowing martinis and endless friendship. Until next month Rock on!