Rockin’ Red Ranchers celebrate Christmas twice

Snoopy presides over ladies waiting to open gifts at the candle exchange: Ilene Schlesinger, Bert Zeitlin, Martha Showmaker, Arlene Stotts, Nita Ice, Lynne Barringer, Janice Forthman, Carol Cooley, Vicki Baker and Susan Hebert.

Linda Terry

Rockin’ Red Ranchers enjoyed holiday events so much, they celebrated with two Christmas parties. The official party was celebrated at Giuseppe’s Italian Restaurant in Denton. The group participated in a secret Santa candle exchange. Holiday packages in colorful wrap brightened the scene. So much for formality. Secret Santa exchanges are quite serious if you want a certain candle. Quite a fun party atmosphere as beautiful candles traveled from owner to owner until arriving at their final destination. The ladies enjoyed a festive Italian lunch and departed with new candles to start the holiday season.

The Rockin’ Red Ranchers were just warming up! Kris Tarczon held a holiday open house for the club to view her new home complete with beautiful holiday decorations. Then everyone headed to an informal party at the Wildhorse Grill. To increase the fun, attendees wore fur and shared stories associated with their furs. Ilene Schlesinger reminisced about her childhood as the daughter of a New York City furrier. Several spoke about their fur’s encounters with PETA and another shared the story of her inexpensive faux fur vest. Some shared experiences with daughters who simply did not want fur. Oh, well!

This gift exchange was even more spirited as the gifts were unused items that needed new homes. Among the unusual items was a camouflage throw! The atmosphere was gay as several Ranchers employed devious schemes to obtain their favorite gift. Hoot organizer Carol Solow rang a holiday bell to catch the attention of the party attendees. Everyone agreed the events brought all into a holiday mood. The club meets again in January with a pajama party. Yes, that’s true, pajamas are the dress code. Now that will be interesting with this group!