RR Softball vs. UNT

RRSA and UNT Men’s Softball teams

RRSA and UNT Men’s Softball teams

Mark Kellam

On Saturday, May 6, Robson softball teams took on University of North Texas (UNT). This was the third year we have hosted the UNT football team for softball, but this year featured a welcome addition of a ladies game.

It was a beautiful spring day with blue skies and temperatures in the upper 80s. Nothing like springtime in Texas! Our Field of Dreams was filled with excitement, fans and good company. The day started with a rousing version of our National Anthem sung by Mike Weaver, Bill and Carol Rauhauser. Then the first pitch was thrown out by Cindy Baker in memory of a softball legend, Howard.

All in attendance received a great treat when Hank Dickenson, back for the second year, announced both games. We have some great volunteers announcing our regular games, but wow, did Hank just have that something extra and was fantastic to listen to.

The ladies’ game was up first at 9:00 a.m. Our Robson Ladies dug out a tough win 7-5, versus a UNT faculty team. There were many fantastic highlights by both teams and it was a competitive, fun game to watch. Thanks to manager Linda Caron, Nancy Rogus and Cerelle Kuecker for organizing the team. The team included Linda Caron, Lori Slocum, Kelly Close, Janet Elizondo, Rebecca Cole, Jody Sacia, Donna Peck, Kimberly Ashoo, Cerelle Kuecker, Pat Lewis and Nancy Rogus. Troy Kuecker and Jerry Killingsworth were the designated pitchers for the game.

The Kiwanis Club was on hand providing coffee, doughnuts, hot dogs and a variety of other items, raising money for the wonderful charities they support.

The men’s game started at 11:00 a.m. and was the “rubber” match, as the teams had a 1-1 record spanning two years. The offense started early and often for the Robson guys, and they came away with a well-deserved 22-11 win over the athletic young men from UNT football. UNT made some great plays, throwing out three runners at home plate from deep in the outfield. But at the end of the day we know why they are playing football and not baseball! The Robson men included: Manager Johnny Blecher, Bob Laderach, Steve Beggs, Sam Cessna, Larry Brown, David McKie, Pete Martin, Miguel Ondina, Dan Close, Tom Beaury, Terry Scholze, Mike Conley and Troy Kuecker.

Certainly can’t forget to thank the always unappreciated umpire crew. Steve Wiley and Dean French handled the duties like pros. Helping with parking control were Mark Kellam, John Thompson, Kelly Petre, Steve Haugen and Eddie Reeves.

It was such a pleasure to play against the men and women from UNT. The enthusiasm was extremely high, and everyone is already looking forward to a rematch in 2018.