Sigma Chi November meeting

The Sigma Chi group

The Sigma Chi group

Dave Parker

November was a jam packed meeting for the Sigma Chi members at Robson Ranch! Brother Norm Leggett began our meeting with a prayer. Next, Lauren was voted an honorary Sweetheart of Sigma Chi for the third time. This was a new record for honorary Sweetheart nominations.

Dr. Tom Grooms from our group announced that on December 1 his new book, Market Intelligence – The Original Work, will be published. The book is the result of over 20 years of experience and research. From Tom’s presentation to the group the book is a must read for every president and CEO involved with or wanting to learn about security and intelligence. This book will fill a void where critical information in today’s world is missing. The brothers felt that the book is a sure hit with CEOs and students interested in a career within the intelligence community.

Brother Bruce Monroe introduced a special guest at the meeting. Brother Seth Harp joins our group while he is staying at Robson Ranch in a rental while he and his wife are visiting family in Argyle. Brother Harp is a former 10-year Georgia State Senator and personal friends with many high level politicians like Newt Gingrich. He is a veteran, and the brothers welcomed him with open arms. Any Sigma Chis living at the Ranch that would like to join the group contact John Humphries at [email protected]