Spring Bocce League

John Humphries

Spring Bocce League play is nearing completion. Thanks to mother nature, we experienced two Wednesdays of severe weather, causing postponement of scheduled matches. A marathon Bocce day will allow all the teams to complete the missed weeks and complete the nine-week season. As in the fall session, the top four teams from each division will compete to determine the Division Champions and then the overall League Championship. The skill level is steadily improving among the 200 plus players, to the point that, the uneven “grass” courts are no longer an unbearable challenge. Folks have also learned to use the court “rails” as a key scoring tactic. Since Bocce is still primarily a social activity here at the Ranch, the league was forced into using a 30-minute clock for games, so the final matches can be completed before sunset and the Grill closing!

Thanks as always to the Grill staff for their endless support and service!