This Summer Join Boot Camp At The Ranch

Boot Camp staff, left to right: Wayne D., Barbara S., Bonnie F., Kathy H., Mike S.

Boot Camp staff, left to right: Wayne D., Barbara S., Bonnie F., Kathy H., Mike S.

Boot Camp at the Ranch started in June of 2015. Since then over 548 Robson Ranch residents have participated and have lost a combined total of over 289 pounds and dozens of inches. They have toned-up, shaped-up, increased their cardio and core strength/balance and reduced medications, all while having fun in a group setting. Why has this fitness program been so successful? Many say it’s the workout itself. Others say it’s because it keeps them moving while singing to their favorite oldies music. Whatever the reason, Boot Camp has produced numerous success stories.

Why Boot Camp? Seniors have differing health needs, capabilities and fitness levels. Boot Camp is designed to meet individual needs by implementing modifications during the workout. “There are many people who watch the class and tell us they cannot do it,” says Mike, one of the sound and music techs. “We challenge them to try a class. Once they do they realize they can do many of the elements by using modifications. It is all about doing what you are able to do and no more than that.”

This low-impact workout is composed of warm-up, stretching, cardio and toning. It is designed for anyone looking to get back into shape, stay in shape, drop weight, tone muscles or increase cardio and core/balance. Most importantly it is about having fun while exercising. Barbara, lead instructor, adds, “As we age we need to keep motivating ourselves to keep moving. Life is not about what you cannot do. It is about challenging yourself to do what you are able to do and to do it to the best of your ability. It is our goal to motivate each participant within a fun and safe environment so they can reach their goals. We encourage everyone to pursue a healthy lifestyle by providing instruction, proper body mechanics and breathing, and teaching better dietary habits. Each class is choreographed to the oldies music and designed to be different to keep participants challenged. By combining cardiovascular and strength training, participants tone up and drop pounds.”

Residents Mike and Barbara Shippy are passionate about helping people stay fit. For over 37 years Barbara has created and taught workouts set in motivating environments that allow participants to venture outside their comfort zone and achieve individual goals. While Barbara, Kathy and Bonnie lead the classes, Mike and Wayne manage music and sound. Partnering together they create an environment that produces synergy and makes every class feel new, fun and exciting. The staff challenges you to give Boot Camp a try. Ask yourself, “What do I have to lose other than inches and weight?”

Boot Camp meets every Monday and Wednesday 11 a.m. to noon and Friday 9:00-10:00 a.m. in the Sports Center Gym. The cost is $3 per class. Bring a mat, one to three-pound hand weights (optional), closed container of water and a hand towel. For more information contact Barbara or Mike Shippy at 940-262-0602.