Table Tennis Club celebrates Jim Gregg’s 88th Birthday

Don Pooley

On December 20, 2017 the Robson Ranch Table Tennis Club celebrated Jim Gregg’s 88th Birthday, which occurred on December 21. Given a card signed by all club members, Jim was immediately placed at the top table to begin the scheduled play day. Jim’s been playing Table Tennis for over 66 years and plays at all our play days. We are all fortunate to have Jim as a doubles partner and aspire for the same kind of Table Tennis abilities and longevity as we grow older.

As we move into 2018 we look forward to members who have been sick returning to regular play. A special “get well” goes out to Bob Brown, Rich Heidebrecht, Mike Kowalski, Barry Pocock, Jay Solow, Sue Stark and Efrain Santiago. We hope they will be playing again soon.

Please stop by and say hello to the Table Tennis gang during one of our “Table Tennis” play times: Monday, Wednesday and Friday at noon to 2:30 p.m. and on Sunday 10:00 a.m. to noon. Our members are always ready to lend a hand, helping new interested participants improve their table tennis game and become an active player in our weekly table tennis sessions. 2018 is a great year to become a Robson Ranch Table Tennis Club member.