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Farewell and looking forward

Team members Peggy Zilinsky, Jois Ross, and Ruth Klein; photo by Nancy Thomas.

Sherry Zeise At her final meeting as leader of New Life Lunch Bunch, Jois Ross shared her life story with us, after a great lunch at the home of Ruth Klein. Jois’ story began in Wichita Falls, Texas, where she grew up with two loving, godly parents and a dear brother. Her parents surrounded her…

Love, Hearts and Babies

Hostess Peggy Zilinsky; Director Jois Ross; Assistant Ruth Klein

Sherry Zeise Pretty, cute, sweet, happy, lovely: all comments from various ladies entering the beautifully decorated home of Norm and Peggy Zilinsky. New Life Lunch Bunch brought many ladies to enjoy potato, chicken noodle and vegetable beef soups, various salads and sides and cakes, cookies and brownies for dessert. The tables sported a candy heart…