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Singles Club enjoys football

Singles Club members enjoy the game.

Turn on the big screen on a Sunday, and the Singles show up with drinks and snacks to share. Football is King at Robson Ranch in Texas. Mike Hoernemann was our host for the last big game of the year. All Robson singles are invited to join in the fun at the grill every Tuesday…

Singles Club members enjoy the Big Game

The Singles Club meets for the “Big Game.”

Martha Wood Singles gathered in the home of Dick Cecil for the big game. For Helen Adamson, Jim Fox, Jerry Waynant, Eileen Whittaker, Gerald Rogers, Jo Fiveash and Norma Thompson cheers turned to tears, but that did not stop the fun. Members of the Singles Club are all invited to meet in the grill on…

Singles enjoyed annual Jazz/Wine train trip

Janice Ritchie and Kitty Waldrop.

Barbara Moyles and Judy Petersen Thirty-five members of the Robson Ranch Singles Group car pooled to Grapevine, Texas, to board the train for a memorable trip on the annual Jazz/Wine Train. What a fun time was had by all! The jazz musicians were in each and every car and continued playing throughout our two-hour trip.…