The ABC’s of the Denton ISD Bond


Vicki Baker

Did you know that Denton ISD has 42 campuses with 29,000 students? That the district covers 180 square miles and contains all or parts of 18 cities, communities or major developments? That DISD has a 95 percent graduation rate with 92 percent of those students continuing onto college? That DISD has a 91 percent teacher retention rate and 30 percent of teachers hold a masters or doctorate degree?

Holding the belief “our children are our best investment for the future and they deserve the best facilities and programs our community can give”, RR Democratic Club welcomed honored guests Dr. Jamie Wilson (Superintendent), Mario Zavala (Assistant Superintendent), Ray Croff (member of Bond Citizens Advisory Committee) and Dr. Jeff Williams (co-chair of Bond Citizens Advisory Committee) at its April special meeting to discuss the 2018 DISD bond proposal.

The speakers addressed the current and future needs of the district and outlined the projects earmarked for funding. The $750 million encompasses 25 projects focused on student population growth, aging facilities, career and technical education, infrastructure, safety and extracurricular facilities and programs. The largest portion of the 2018 bond proposal is slated for rebuilding and renovating existing campuses and adding an additional middle school and elementary school. Other aspects of the proposal include expanded career and technology programs, new agriculture science center, new security cameras at every campus and renovations to athletic and fine arts facilities.

The speakers concluded that the bond proposal was in the hands of the voters—a vote for the DISD bond was a vote for the future of Denton and would not cost the citizens a dime. There would be no increase in the current tax rate!

The club’s presentation on the DISD bond is just one of the many informational topics discussed at its monthly meetings. Want to get involved and stay informed? Come join the Democratic Club on the fourth Thursday of each month at 7:00 p.m. in the Clubhouse and become better educated on issues affecting our community, state and country. For more information, visit our website at